Business Development & Information Technology

What is Your Businesses Pain Points? What is the Business Solution?

Every Business has its Pain Points. These are the mechanisms, or lack thereof, which are inefficient, decrease revenue and increase employee stress. It literally can cause physical pain to your valued workforce. The Digital Origin team looks at these Pain Points with a meticulous eye to identify the Ideal Business Solution.

One of our core beliefs include the optimism needed to look beyond the difficulties and see the opportunity beyond a troublesome plateau.

We recently were asked to analyze an existing business workflow – from sourcing materials from suppliers to tracking sales compensation after a product is in the hands of a customer. There are many steps involved in a process like this – Materials Inventory, Sales Systems, Barcode /QR Code scanning tracking with GPS enabled devices. We see their problem as a place where we can successfully implement an enterprise grade system that rivals the likes of Freight Carriers and Logistics Operators.

Although a solution of this scale takes time to properly research, the results will be well worth the effort. This business will be able to run on auto-pilot. We’re looking forward to creating the ability for this business owner to take a vacation without worrying about the small stuff. His team, and his technology, will run his business for him. This, by many factors, is the only metric of a successful operation.

Wouldn’t you want to work on your business and not work in your business? Whats the difference? Well, there is a major distinction between these two possibilities.

Working in your business means that you are dealing with day to day problems – chief cook and bottle washer – to make sure the business doesn’t implode. Without you “IN” your business, your business may fail. This isn’t where you to be. You want to work “ON” your business. Working ON your business takes you away from the day-to-day grind of the work itself. Your job while working ON your business is to grow your business by making strategic decisions and hold a fire extinguisher (metaphorically hold one). This is only accomplished by maximizing efficiencies using software and knowing when to delegate control. Your technology systems should also allow you to “Check-In” on your business to make sure things are working smoothly.

I see too many talented business owners working in their business, not understanding why they can’t get their business to become more successful. This situation limits ones ability to enjoy that grand vision of Cocktails with Little Umbrellas on a white sand beach somewhere. Instead, too many business owners are stuck in the attic breathing in fiberglass.

If you are IN your business dealing with Pain Points daily then we want to free you from your daily grind and catch up on some golf with prospective clients and your professional network. Doesn’t that sound better? Call us, we’ll figure it out. We may even recommend you a great book to read.