Google AdWords PPC Campaigns for Your Business

Understanding Google Ads with AdWords, and AdSense

Google grew to the Tech Industry Heavyweight because of its AdWords Ad Network. The revolutionary method of matching a Businesses Ad to a Potential Customer based on their Search Terms and Behaviors. This may not seem too terribly impressive by todays standards, but in the early 2000’s, it was Magic. Luckily, if used properly, it can still produce Magic Results for Your Business Today!

Just like traditional Ad Networks – Television, Radio, News Papers, and Magazines – Google AdWords isn’t for the frugal. Although the ROI of any Ad Campaign should produce Repeatable Sales Results – it costs money to make money.

Depending on numerous conditions, it’s possible to produce valuable results for your business with as little as $500, per month, Ad Spend. We’d love to learn about your business and present you with a Digital Marketing Strategy. We typically recommend a combination of Text, Image and Video Ad’s with a combination of Re-Targeting and Dynamic Ad Bidding Techniques to produce the greatest ROI.

AdSense is another story altogether and is of great benefit to websites, with a lot of traffic, to help generate revenue by hosting Google Text & Image Ads. If your believe your website can be helped by using AdSense then we hope that you contact us and start the discussion today!