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The Importance of Having a Development WebSite

The Digital Origin team has had the same conversation a few times the last week. Prospective clients have customer facing production websites that either need a design makeover, added functionality, or even Custom Plugin Development. Unfortunately, most of these companies don’t have a development website that is a mirror of their production site!

If you have an average of 100 visitors a day, and the scope of work requires 15 hours to update your website then, at maximum, 62 visitors could experience a broken, or as optimists like to say – half fixed, website. This isn’t good. How can you eliminate customers from experiencing a half-fixed website? It’s easy, create a development environment. It first starts with setting up a new hosting account, making an exact copy of the production website, depending on the sensitivity of the stored customer data create test customer data (for example eCommerce sites/Online Stores), and, ideally, create a source code repository if custom software is to be written.

Depending on the type of technology used, say for example your website uses WordPress, our team can create a working development environment in as little as two hours work. From here, we can make all your desired changes without interrupting a single customer!

Regardless of your Businesses Pain Points, the Digital Origin team is looking forward to helping you and your business grow.