We help with all phases of Linux & business development.

Linux Administration & Development

Linux is an operating system that is based on Open Source Software methodologies. Open Source simply means that the source code, unlike the Microsoft operating system, is made available for the public to view. There are many advantages to the Open Source model that can benefit your business. These benefits include the Zero Cost Licensing Model. Unlike, for example, the Microsoft Operating System, Linux is free! Most organizations that develop “Flavors” of it offer support for their product – for a fee.

Open Source Benefits to Businesses

Because of the Power & Open Source aspect, Linux is the Most Popular Server-Based Operating System on the Planet Today (citation)! There is a reason for this. It is extremely comprehensive in its capabilities, its extensibility and, a burden for many organizations, its complexity.

The Digital Origin team has over 10 years of Linux Administration, Automation, Development, and Security experience that can help your business succeed.

Whether your business uses Linux for your Web Server with a hosting provider, or run it in-house for Data Processing – the Digital Origin team is ready to leverage its power to the benefit of your business.