Credit Card Processing & Cash Discount for Retail Merchants

Business eCommerce Solutions

If you already have or are considering to have an Electronic Commerce Platform (eCommerce) then you know how powerful, yet complicated, a project like this is. There are numerous factors that directly impact the results provided by an eCommerce enabled Web Site.

Curb Side Pickup & Delivery for eCommerce

Your customers expect additional conveniences including options to order products online and provide Curb Side Pickup & Delivery Scheduling options.

There are several companies that provide Third Party Delivery options – now including Uber – but these companies take control away from your businesses and its ability to conduct commerce freely. These providers maintain control over key aspects of your business including revenue, brand management, and the entire user experience. Wouldn’t you prefer to maintain control over these key aspects of your business?

Digital Origin can provide your business with the ability to control the entire sales ecosystem including Curb Side Pickup & Delivery functionality. Now your business can provide your customers with the same convenience as big-box retailers. Not only will your customers appreciate the added benefit of being your customer they will become more loyal because of it.

Today’s economy demands that Brick & Mortar product companies provide these convenience options and we can provide these capabilities for your business. We Want to Help – Contact Us Today!

Web Site Speed

Having a fast website is important for many reasons. Two of the more important ones include Search Engine Optimization and Customer Conversion Ratios. Having a Slow Web Site will result in minimal representation in search results and, for customers who do find your website, customers will not place an order if your site is slow to load.

Web Site Design

If your Web Site doesn’t look awesome potential customers will think twice about ordering from you. The last thing your eCommerce site needs are for a customer to think twice before they click twice.

Web Site Security

It is extremely important to ensure your website is Fast & as secure as possible. Considering that eCommerce Web Sites process Credit Cards – which are loved by Malicious Hackers Everywhere – makes you an instant cyber-security target. There are several ways to provide Enterprise-Class Security for your eCommerce site but all of them are incredibly complex and are likely outside the capabilities – either because of knowledge or time – of your internal teams. Fortunately, if this is the case, the Digital Origin Team Can Help you with your Cyber Security needs.

PCI Compliance Concerns

There are two main methods for processing credit cards on an eCommerce Site: On-Site processing and Third Party Payment Processing. Depending on these which method your website uses, specifically On-Site Processing, you may be required to Compy with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These requirements vary depending on the number of transactions you perform each year. If you do not comply with PCI-DSS you will likely, especially in the event of a data breach, be liable for financial losses and be forced to pay fines.

The Digital Origin team has the experience needed to help you comply with PCI-DSS, or architect your eCommerce site in a way so that you do not need to comply directly.

Breach Insurance

In the event your eCommerce Web Site is breached maliciously, you may become liable for the resulting fraud. This can be a negative watershed moment for your company. The risk of financial liability can be offset by Cyber Security Insurance. There are many affordable options that we can present to you. These options heavily depend on the size, and revenue, of your company. To determine what option is best for your business you can request a free business analysis from us.

Payment Processing

Digital Origin has partnerships with Credit Card Processors, sometimes called Merchant Payment Processors. These partnerships allow us to provide you with the best possible solution for your business needs.

Whether you have a brick & mortar business, or only process credit cards online, your options – and costs – can vary greatly. We want to help you make the best choice possible.

One new option for Merchants is called “Cash Discount“. Like its name, it provides an incentive for your customers to pay with cash instead of you, the merchant, paying for your customers credit card rewards. To learn more about the Cash Discount Program you can Contact Us Today.