Cyber Security Testing and Analysis for Your Business

Cyber Security Testing & Analysis

Cyber Security is one of the most talked about issues in the world of business technology. The reasoning for this is simple: A Business that makes money, has money, and criminals want to steal it. Mind you, there are other reasons, of motives, for an attacker to go after your business (ex: privileged data/trade secrets), the primary motivation for this type of crime has always been motivated by profit.

If You Have a Security Emergency

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Business Risk

If your business sells products, or services, online then you likely process credit card transactions. These transactions can become the primary focus of unknown foreign entities that are looking to take you to the (proverbial) bank.

Beyond the direct risk attributed to Cyber Security risks, there is a large reputational risk associated as well.

Security Testing

There are a few tiers to Security Testing. The most basic tier is by using an Automated Security Vendor (ASV) to scan your Infrastructure and Applications. These tests are highly automated but require a seasoned security professional to determine the true Business Impact.

Our Team has experience with numerous solutions that are certified ASVs and have helped countless businesses find effective ways to mitigate their Cyber Security Posture.

Detailed Analysis

The Digital Origin team provides its clients with Detailed Security Analysis’ of your businesses identified security defects. Depending on the specific defect, we can also help you resolve these defects.

Regardless of your Cyber Security needs the team at Digital Origin is Ready to Help. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!