Software Development and Business Automation

Software Development & Business Process Automation

Your business’s efficiency, at times, can be helped by using custom software. Whether your business needs two different software platforms to share information together, or your existing data needs to be processed, Digital Origin has the ability to write business intelligence and middleware software for your business.

Business Analysis/Business Intelligence

Your business has data. Typically, this data is a mess. Using custom-made software, your disconnected databases can be centralized, normalized and analyzed to create newly actionable incite into your business operations.

Process Evaluation/Process Automation

Inefficiencies in a businesses process take revenue off the table. After conducting a complimentary business analysis the Digital Origin team can highlight how your business can run more efficiently using custom software developed to automate your businesses inefficiencies. 

Software Development

If your business has an existing software project that isn’t efficiently melding with your previous business processes then Digital Origin can help. Our Software Development team can architect, develop, and implement software solutions that eliminate inefficiencies. 

Web Design

Many businesses have a mixture of internet facing websites, intranet websites, department specific websites, and high-security websites. Depending on which type of site you use there are different Web Design requirements. If you are experiencing issues with the User Interface, User Experience, Data Validation, the creation of process chaos, we can help create order out of the chaos. 

Web Development

Although there are many reasons to work with Digital Origin for your next web development project – there is one use case that we love to help with: The Start-Up…

If you have a unique, ground swelling idea, then there is likely no easy way to make your vision a reality unless custom software is written. Most of today’s modern expectations require the use of Web Development & Web Service Integration. The Digital Origin team has helped launch numerous start up’s ideas from concept to sale.

Web Administration

Independent upon the technology that your websites currently use, the Digital Origin team is able to help you. Our Bleeding-Edge knowledge of technology enables us to tackle the most complex problems that your business could ever face. We work honestly, and openly, with you and your team so that the results are of the highest caliber possible.