Business VoIP & Telephony Solutions

Business VoIP & Telephony Solutions

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies allow for the low-cost transport of Voice, Video & Data. If your business is not leveraging the cost-saving power of VoIP then your throwing money away.

VoIP & Cost Savings

If your business has multiple physical locations then you know how costly inter-office calling can be. Using over the internet telephony solutions can cut costs like these to nearly zero.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

The job of a secretary, while still crucial for a busy office, no longer requires a human to play the role of a switching agent. Modern-day Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems have functionality that allows a user to interact with software to be transferred to the department, or individual, which they are looking for. We provide systems that allow this capability.

Open Source PBX

Although most VoIP PBX vendors can be extremely costly, others are not. The most popular Open Source PBX is called Asterisk, developed by Digium. This technology is completely free and is extremely powerful. It was originally designed to run on the Linux Operating System.

If your business has the need for a New VoIP Enabled PBX system, we have traditionally recommended using a combination of CentOS Linux and Asterisk PBX. This very reliable combination of two open source solutions provides unparalleled cost-effectiveness, extensibility, and reliability.

Cloud PBX

If you have a smaller operation that does not require a dedicated PBX system then there are Cloud-Based PBX solutions available.