PCI Compliance Self Assessment Questionnaire Assistance

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Please note that you may have other requirements to comply with your PCI Compliance. Contact us to schedule a time to speak with us to learn more about your requirements.

Description of PCI Compliance Self Assessment Questionnaire Assistance

Your business, depending on the number of transactions you complete per year, must complete a Payment Card Industry Self Assessment Questionnaire (PCI-SAQ). This form must be completed yearly, otherwise, you’ll be fined monthly for the ability to process your Credit Card Transactions.

If you process under 20,000 transactions per year then you are more than likely require to complete this.

If you process 20,000 or more transactions per year then you’ll likely have more complicated PCI-DSS Requirements. We can also help with this. Contact us if you believe you do because we can also help with Tier 3-1 requirements.