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Open Source & Linux: Is it a Match for Your Business?

You likely have heard this mysterious word before, Linux  – the Open Source Giant. You, also, likely have questions about what the heck is Open Source, and more importantly, can do for your business.

Well, let’s get started by saying that Linux is the most powerful operating system on the planet. The Digital Origin team bases this on two factors: ROI & Feature Set. Considering that Linux is FREE the sole cost of using it is the Administration & IT Management overhead. Thankfully, there are numerous Open Source tools that help minimize the human requirement of using Linux.

Statistically, if your business has a Website and uses EMail then you already uses Linux. If you have an Android phone then you 100% use Linux (Android is based on its core technology – sometimes called the Kernel). Other products that run Linux, that you might already own, include Tesla & BMW Vehicles, Set-Top TV Boxes, Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators, and some things I presume you cannot afford like the Large Hadron Particle Collider and US Nuclear Submarines!

So, you might be thinking, that’s great – most of the Internet uses it. What does that matter for my business? Well, most easily explained, Digital Origin can help your business create extremely unique value for your clients by using Business Automation techniques. Open Source Technologies can allow your Business Operations to be streamlined, integrating your Inventory Management, Shipping & Receiving departments, and Sales & Marketing operations.

Your Business can become more efficient, and more profitable. We will help you figure out how to best implement Linux into your daily business operations.