Digital Origin - EMail Address Hacked Is Your Security Exposed

Has Your EMail Address Been Exposed Online?

It’s been in the news again recently. “Cyber Attack Leads to EMail Account Hacks” or “Hacker Forum Hosting 700 Million Credentials”. It’s as bad as it sounds. Without hiding your head in the sand there are a few easy steps you can use to help mitigate the risk associated with being included in a World News Worth Hack.

Step 1) Run a scan to see if your information has been seen in data breaches. Luckily, our team has developed a WordPress plugin that interfaces with publicly accessible “Breach Engines” such as Have I Been Pwned. By entering your information below you’ll be emailed results of our search and will know if you are in a High Risk category.

Step 2) Utilize secure password practices. Most of these breaches aren’t directly your EMail provider. They’re third party sites that you may have signed up for along your journey on the internet. Question is, do you reuse your EMail account password? Let’s hope not. Password reuse is a common way to become a victim of an EMail breach. Consider using a Password Vault to make this task easier. Make sure it’s not an online password vault cause those can be effected by the same type of breach.

Step 3) Realize that most Web Sites you use have some type of vulnerability. Members of our team have tested multiple hundreds of sites including Fortune 100, Wall Street Financial Institutions, Government Networks, and other extremely security conscious environments. There has never been an instance of a Security Flaw Free environment. Not one, this unicorn has never been spotted.