Facebook Advertising for Your Business with Digital Origin

Facebook’s Test & Learn Tool

Using Facebook Advertisements as apart of your Pay-Per-Click strategy is important when you want to promote your Business’s Products or Services. There are many considerations and plenty of options for you to consider. Should your ad’s promote your website? Should an ad promote Page Likes? Promote Messaging within the Facebook ecosystem? What about conversion tracking? The list goes on and on. Luckily, there is the Facebook “Test & Learn” tool.

Luckily, there is an easier method to see what works best for your business’s marketing dollar. Facebook’s Test & Learn tool is a fancy way of saying “We Have Built-in A/B Testing”. The concept behind A/B Testing, sometimes called Split Testing, is to use multiple methods to produce similar, and repeatable, outcomes. If you spend $1000 a week on promoting your website and compare it to $1000 a month to promote your products how would you know which method is more profitable to your business? Although this is a very simple example its one that A/B Testing has been answering for years.

Some key metrics that the Test & Learn tool can help with include:

  • Which Ad Campaigns have the lowest cost per conversion?
  • How much impact does your Ads have on your business?
  • How efficient are your Ads that promote brand recognition?
  • How will adjusting your budget will affect your results before increasing your budget?
  • & More!

If you spend over $1000 a month on Facebook Ads then you will likely benefit from Digital Origin’s help with the Facebook Test & Learn functionality. We’re more than happy to discuss your options so that you can make the most educated decision possible.