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Delivery & Curb Side Pickup for Your Business

If your business wants to benefit from offering Delivery, and Curb Site Pickup, options for your eCommerce website then you know how complicated this technology could be. The effort needed to take an initial concept, to processing your first customer’s credit card, a business must consider numerous factors. Making the wrong choice can hurt future sales and require undoing wrong decisions.

Your Customers Prefer Curb Side Pickup & Delivery Scheduling. Luckily, Digital Origin Has this Solution.

One of the more recent capabilities we’ve researched, tested, and implemented, is the ability to provide Curb Side Pickup and Delivery Scheduling options that allow your customers the same conveniences provided by Big Box retailers.

Imagine, your business can now provide the conveniences that other retailers – like Walmart & Target – provide without the big box expense typically associated with the Enterprise-Class eCommerce Experience!

We are providing numerous billing options that help defer upfront costs typically associated with custom eCommerce development and maintenance. Depending on your specific business, and the agreement mutually decided upon, Digital Origin can offer extremely affordable payment options. Contact us to schedule a conference call to discuss these options.

Our intention is to help your business become more profitable. Let Digital Origin help you achieve these goals!

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