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Creating Ad Copy for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, campaigns are powerful in their tunable – and immediate – results. Knowing the different kinds of Ads that can be used in PPC campaigns is important to understand when wanting to enter different Ad Markets. You have a message that your customers need to see, or hear – none the less comprehend and remember

So there’s Google AdWords, Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Pandora, Waze, and so many more options… There are so many platforms that you can use to obtain loyal customers. It’s nearly maddening, there are so many options that your business can capture more customers – where to start, how to monitor results, where to concentrate your marketing dollar?

There are four primary types of ads – Text, Image, Audio, and Video (with audio). Depending on your target audience, you’ll choose a target digital ad platform, analyze the type of ad’s market cost on that market and decide which types of ads you’ll like to deliver.

Let us take a specific example: You are a Service Business that can only service customers within a geographic region from your office. We’ll call this business – Sam’s Acme Solar Widgets. Because of your Value Proposition and Service Area you’ll have to pick a Digital Marketing strategy that uses Geographic Targeting and is commonly used by your Target Customer Segment.

This example model will limit Waze from being a good place to market your ads – although its great for others. Yelp? Probably not the best place to, at least, start. Yelp is commonly not used by people who like Solar Widgets. Your Widgets cost too much for the typical visitor: a la. you don’t sell hamburgers. The Solar Widget industry is very costly on Google AdWords these days. Your customer segment isn’t best represented on YouTube but it may be good for secondary campaigns.

Sam’s Hypothetical company can better use his marketing dollar on different platforms. An initial recommendation for Sam, our friendly neighborhood Solar Widget Business, is to consider using Audio on Pandora, Image+Text Ads on Facebook and Instagram and a few others, depending on Sam’s budget.

Not to be taken to literally, the above example should have simply described the thought process of how our team treats a new client wanting help with setting up and running a Digital Marketing campaign.

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