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Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

How much does your retail business pay in Credit Card processing fees every month? Well, if it’s more than $200 a month then you’re paying too much. Our team has the ability to cut your rate by up to 95% Off what you’re paying today using the Cash Discount progra.

What is Cash Discount? It is the ability to offset your processing fees by charging your customers the fee. You read that right, why is your business incentivizing your customers to use a Credit Card – through their credit cards rewards programs – when you can incentivize them to use Cash instead.

Similar to what many Gas Stations do today, your customers would pay a higher rate for using a Credit Cards which is what pays the fees your business pays today.

To determine exactly how much we could save your business is as easy as contacting our team so that we can analyze your Merchant Bill. For more information online you can visit our Credit Card/Merchant Processing page which includes some additional information about Cash Discount, Surcharge Billing and our Competitive Interchange Rates.