Being Perceptive of Your Customer Segment

Imagine your ideal customer. Now imagine your that customer – put yourself in their shoes. What does your company look like to them? What Value Proposition do you provide that your customer segment can’t live without? What Value are you not providing them? What does your customer want without them knowing they need to have it?

We can spend hours on this first sentence alone. It’s an incredibly complex moving target that your business must always find a better and better answer. If you do not understand your client’s wants and needs then you will not succeed. It is important to Be Perceptive of Your Customer Segment. The idea of analyzing our Business’ Customer is a key part of developing a Business Model Canvas.

The following video will help you segment and analyze your current/desired customers.

Realizing Your Customer’s Attributes Can Make, or Break, a Business.

Although the above video does a deep dive into analyzing your customers, for the purposes of a Business Model Canvas, we typically take a different approach – which is much simpler. Luckily, we have another video for you to help understand this.

Business Model Canvas Customer Segment 50k FT view

In all, if you don’t know your customer then you don’t have a business.

If you have any questions regarding this, or anything else, then we encourage you to contact us at your convenience.